Ariana Grande – My Everything album

I really tried hating this album but it was just so catchy and fun that I couldn’t resist! I’ve been listening to this a lot this autumn so I thought I’d give a little song-by-song review, enjoy!

  1. Intro

    Ariana sounding very Mariah Carey-esque and showing off her vocal range whilst singing something I can barely understand, it sort of sounds like some wannabe Christmas carol in the end. Nothing special.

  2. Problem (featuring Iggy Azalea)

    This song was the shit when it first came out and I enjoyed sassily bopping my head along to it whenever it was on the radio – plus Iggy is my girl, but now I think that this song is shit.

  3. One Last Time

    One of the better songs on the album, whenever she sings lower notes it sounds so much nicer and less forced. It’s a good pop song, definitely something I’d listen to again.

  4. Why Try

    This song is okay but gets annoying after a while, once again nothing special but a good album filler. I actually like it a lot more towards the end!

  5. Break Free (featuring Zedd)

    I enjoy everything about this song except for the chorus… It makes my ears bleed. The parts where she’s calmly singing at the beginning and mid song are my favourite. Another song that’s been way too overplayed on the radio.

  6. Best Mistake (featuring Big Sean)

    She’s done many collaborations on this album, hasn’t she? A good song and a lot more moodier. I’m not the biggest fan of rappers in general though so it doesn’t really do that much for me, but I do think that she sounds a lot more grown-up and ‘sexy’ without forcing it.

  7. Be My Baby (featuring Cashmere Cat)

    It sounds way to much like her song ‘Baby I’ but it’s fun and another very ‘pop princess’ type of song. Even though she’s using her whistle tones in this I still enjoy it as it’s very lighthearted and fun.

  8. Break Your Heart Right Back (featuring Childish Gambino)

    Can’t decide whether this song or the next song is my favourite, but daaamn is this catchy! Like the rest of her songs on this album, it’s all very poppy and a bit similar sounding but I love how sassy it is. I think this is a perfect break-up song and I definitely listened to it again and again for a good couple of weeks!

  9. Love Me Harder (featuring The Weeknd)

    One of my favourite songs on the album, I definitely think this is such a good collab because their voices sound really good together! This song allows Ariana to sound a lot more grown up but in a chilled out way as opposed to trying too hard which she’s been criticised for doing. It’s a sexy and sensual song, so glad it’s the next single!

  10. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart


  11. Hands On Me (featuring A$AP Ferg)

    Oh dear… This song may be catchy but it’s a big old mess! It would be good for getting ready on a night out with the girls who are up for getting wasted on tequila shots.

  12. My Everything  

    Once again it’s just a bit ‘meh’, with such an incredible voice and such a vast vocal range Grande could really make an amazing sad ballad but doesn’t achieve that on this album.

I’ll also do a quick review of the bonus tracks that are on her deluxe album:

  • Bang Bang (with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj) – absolutely crap, worst song ever.
  • Only 1 – catchy and easy going, not bad.
  • You Don’t Know Me – sassy, catchy, darker and best out of the bonus tracks.

Eva xo

Obsession of the month – Netflix

Netflix – a proof that God exists.

After not having any internet for over a month and a half in the new apartment myself and my parents moved into mid-august, October was a time of discovery. Netflix is the next best thing that has happened to the internet since YouTube and Tumblr. It has also really improved in the last couple of years, as initially Netflix didn’t have a big enough variety of movies and TV shows to offer… It was mainly full of weird old movies and TV shows I’d never heard of. Nowadays it’s still full of those same weird movies, but also movies and TV shows that I enjoy!

Here are my top 3 TV shows that I’ve discovered in October:

  1. American Horror StoryEcran_Titre_d'American_Horror_StoryI’ve avoided watching this show for a very very long time as I am the biggest scardy-cat in this whole world. I don’t watch horror movies, in fact I’ve only ever seen one horror movie properly and I squirm, shut my eyes and ears whenever an advert about some new horror movie is on. The first time I tried watching the first episode of season 1 I lasted for 5 minutes, turned it off and went on YouTube to watch funny cat videos. However, days later, one of my best friends urged me to continue on watching it, so I clenched my fists, sat down and forced myself through the first episode… I have now made it through three seasons – Murder House, Asylum and Coven. I probably found Murder House the scariest but I’m not sure whether it was down to the fact I’d become a lot more desensitised to ‘scary moments’ towards the end of the 1st season, thus finding season 2&3 less scary. Asylum had the most gripping storyline in my opinion, but was full of more disturbing scenes as opposed to scary ones. Coven was very entertaining and full of sass, even though it is thought of as the ‘worst season’ by the fans. I enjoyed the concept of the show very much – I love how all the actors play completely contrasting roles each season and that each season has an entirely different storyline to it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for something fresh, unique, a bit scary and sometimes gory. It’s also every hipster person’s dream come true!

  2. The Office (US)This was probably my favourite discovery on Netflix as I’ve come to absolutely love this show!  I’ve never watched the original UK series but I’ve always heard that the US series were the ones to watch and I’m so happy that I did. The first series were a bit slow and I didn’t find it that funny, but I kept on watching because I was intrigued by the characters and it quickly became amazingly hilarious once the show established itself in season 2/3 and onwards. Despite this being a comedy series, some relationships on this show seem so genuine and the actors understand their characters so well that they’re very believable (despite some funny moments in the show that are unrealistic). I also really enjoy the fact that a lot of the time the actors just improvise as it makes it so much funnier and shows just how talented the cast is.  I don’t want to say too much without spoiling it, even though I’m sure the majority of people have watched these series, but in case you haven’t – I would really recommend it if you’ve got a weird sense of humour and like improv-type mockumentaries!

  3. RuPaul’s Drag Race'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season ThreeThis show is everything I could’ve ever dreamed for. This is the most fabulous reality competition show full of interesting and fierce people who are not afraid to be true to themselves! I never knew that I could love a show so much but it  brings me so much joy on many levels. Truthfully, I didn’t know much about the drag world until I started watching it and I’ve definitely learnt so much from it and it cleared up all the misconceptions I had about drag queens. The more I think about it, the more I realise how amazing and accepting these people are and how we should be more like them. There is so much diversity with the competitors – there are asian queens, latino queens, black, white etc you name it! There are also drag queens of various sizes, encouraging us all to understand that your size doesn’t define you and that you can be fierce whether you’re skinny or curvier or in between as long as you believe in yourself and that you’re the fiercest bitch in town, hunty! In the words of RuPaul – ‘If you don’t love yourself, then how the hell you gonna love somebody else?’ It also brings attention to issues such as bullying, suicide, HIV, body image etc. Overall, this is such a positive show that allows us to see a different side of society with many  talented competitors!

These were my favourite shows in October and I would recommend watching every single one of them because they’re all unique in their own way and have different things to offer!

Eva xo

YO! Sushi in Leamington Spa

I was so happy to hear that YO! Sushi were finally opening in Leamington Spa as I felt like this was exactly what this place was missing – some yummy Japanese food. Having grown up literally next to Japan (without ever seeing it though) there were so many influences from various Asian cuisines in the food I ate that I pretty much grew up eating Asian inspired food without even knowing it, which later on developed into a real passion as I got older. However I quickly reminded myself that I wouldn’t be eating the usual kind of food that I have in Japanese restaurants and YO! Sushi chains because I have recently become vegetarian and try to be as vegan as possible. This meant NO MORE SASHIMI (piercing screams of white girls are heard around the world) that my mum and I always indulge in whenever we go to Japanese restaurants which was devastating, but I made up for it by eating plenty of amazing veggie food that they had to offer. I indulged in plenty of miso soup (which I’m obsessed with at the moment) some vegetable gyoza, vegetable yakisoba, fried aubergine and some kaiso salad which I always eat at YO! anyway.
The restaurant itself was nicely designed and absolutely pristine, with plenty of spaces to eat at the bar or tables, depending on your preference of course. The staff were all so lovely and enthusiastic, I genuinely can’t wait to take my girlfriends out to eat there now, and then pop into Turtle Bay next door for a couple of delish cocktails or Watermelon Crushes!